The structure

Territorial acknowledgement

Based in Tiohtiá:ke / Montreal, Parbleux wishes to actively participate in the process of recognizing the territories, memories, presences, cultures and communities of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. While observing ties with the past, present and future, Parbleux acknowledges that progress towards reconciliation and decolonization is only possible by recognizing and listening to members of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities, especially their artists. 

Aware of their responsibility in this shared journey, Parbleux’s Board of Directors and staff wish to emphasize that the land they occupy is part of the unceded traditional territory of the Kanien:keha’ka (Mohawk) Nation. It has long served as a place of gathering and discussion between nations.

To build a thriving space for performing arts creation focused on solidarity and sustainability.


Providing a centre for creation and an incubator for artists

Parbleux contributes to the growth and career development of artists and cultural workers.

Supporting the full development and enrichment of artistic practices

Through its residency and continuing professional training programs, its strategic partnerships and event programming, Parbleux offers support to artists in the creation, production and dissemination of contemporary dance works, from the initial exploration and research phases to the completion of their artistic processes.

Serving as a cultural catalyst

Through its activities, Parbleux fosters closer ties between members of the cultural community and mobilizes the ecosystem for working artists, building sustainable connections between artistic disciplines, facilitating access to both human and material resources, and promoting knowledge transfer.


Respect, recognition and inclusion

We are committed to demonstrating transparency and inclusion in our community. We respect the work of each individual, regardless of their professional experience, ethno-cultural background, gender expression or sexual orientation.

Sympathetic listening

It is important for us to explore, cultivate our curiosity, find nourishment through openness to others, and be attentive to the ecosystem in which we exist. We take great care to meet the needs of the community we serve through our flexible and responsive approach.


We foster solidarity across the community by promoting discussion around the creative process in an inspiring space. Continuously seeking fairer and more equitable models, we value the sharing of human and material resources to create synergies and encourage the transfer of knowledge.

Continuous growth

We maintain a lasting connection with our environment in an effort to ensure that we remain relevant and evolve in step with emerging cultural developments. This continuous calling-into-question inspires us to develop best practices.


Benoît Lachambre founded the contemporary creative company Parbleux (“bl” for his initials, and eux,” the French word for them”) in 1996 with the goal of supporting the production and dissemination of his works and related projects. The ensuing collaborations gave rise to some 18 works, brought to life and toured on four continents, with more than 500 performances. The company has earned numerous awards and distinctions in Canada and internationally in recognition of its contribution to the artistic community. 

Parbleux has enjoyed continued growth over the years, and the company now provides full administrative support to artists Clara Furey (since 2016) and Dana Michel (since 2017).

In 2017, Parbleux acquired a new creative space, moving its activities to the Mile End neighbourhood. Three years later, in 2020, Benoît Lachambre stepped down from his position as Parbleux’s artistic director, on the eve of his 25th year at the helm of the company. 

The year 2021 thus marked an all-new era for the organization, which looks to the future with gratitude. More than ever, Parbleux is committed to supporting the performing arts community by fostering an environment that promotes creation and allows artists to reach their full potential.