Les coulisses des arts

DEVELOPMENT IN PROGRESS — Les coulisses des arts is an organization that was founded in February 2023, after several years of pre- and post-pandemic reflection on the challenges related to training and retention of cultural workers, and more specifically in the dance and the performing arts sectors. This non-profit organization, regrouping Parbleux, CAPAS Label de danse, RUBBERBAND and George Krump, has united around a common desire to open a dialogue around proposals and innovative solutions developed by and for the performing arts.

This structure facilitates consultation, mutualization and encourages the recognition of the multiple competencies of a rich and creative community. Les coulisses des arts wishes to participate in the emergence of sustainable solutions to the challenges related to employability, training, development and the promotion of cultural professions.

Its first project, currently under development, is centered around the establishment of a new paid continuing training program, based on the principles of work-study.

The underlying values of this pilot project are strong: 

  • A deep social commitment to the valorization of work and people who operate in the arts sector and more particularly in the performing arts;
  • The desire to give visibility to a community in need of recognition and to participate in the outreach of these disciplines, by highlighting that the creativity and innovation of the milieu are also very much present off-stage. 

The objectives of the organization

  • To promote the creativity of artists and cultural workers, both on and off-stage;
  • To provide pragmatic solutions developed by and for the community;
  • To facilitate mutualization and solidarity mentorship between organizations and persons in the performing arts;
  • To encourage collaboration between disciplines;
  • To provide specific training activities for the performing arts;
  • To organize projects and events related to the cultural professions.

The Board of directors

  • Claire Molinot — President
  • Fannie Bellefeuille — Vice-President
  • Lydie Revez — Treasurer
  • George Krump — Secretary