Open studio

NEXT EDITION IN FALL 2024 — At the heart of its mission, Parbleux invests in improving the conditions of creation for artists and offers the Open studio! An opportunity to highlight your project and promote discussion. A special moment, during some important times of the year…

With Open studio, Parbleux offers artists a place to present and share their project in the making. The Parbleux studio is available for a 30-minute presentation per artist and a period of open discussion. Parbleux can also provide support in strategic planning for this event: touring targets, communications strategy, etc.

For each Open studio, the projects are selected by one artist or more, Curator or Co-curators of the event.

Eligibility criteria

  • Artists in dance and/​or related disciplines at any stage of their careers, established in the province of Québec;

  • And who are looking for partners to support their creation project or to find a local or international premiere date;

  • Projects that had a premiere during the pandemic (in theaters or online) and would like to find a presentation date in more optimal conditions are also considered.

Services provided

  • The Parbleux studio for a 30-minute presentation per artist and a discussion time;

  • $500 in compensation;

  • 10 hours of studio time offered for Open studio rehearsal;

  • If needed, a discounted rate of $10 per additional hour;

  • If desired, support in strategic planning, to be defined together (touring targets, communications strategy, etc.).