Work-study training pilote project

DEVELOPMENT IN PROGRESS — Since 2019, Parbleux, in collaboration with other major structures and companies in the dance and performing arts milieu, has been actively working on the development of a new work-study program intended to train future professionals, revive vocations and enhance the value of cultural workers.

This training pilot project, currently under development, aims to offer a permanent and innovative solution to the employability challenges encountered by the performing arts community.

Intended for a broad spectrum of participants, this program will provide apprentices with a complete curriculum based on specific modules and covering a wide range of expertise (production, administration, communications, development,…). Within the cultural organizations participating in the pilot project, this training will offer a continuous and paid apprenticeship.

Program features

  • An hybrid program, offering 1 day of didactic training and 2 to 4 days of immersion in the tutoring cultural organizations, per week;
  • A paid training cycle spread over 2 years;
  • A learning experience provided by professional workers;
  • A training program adapted to cultural realities, offering a 360-degree vision in the first year and the possibility of specializing in the second year;
  • A training based on principles of mutual aid, openness, recognition as well as human, artistic and professional valorization;
  • The possibility of participating in made-to-measure modules, to encourage the development of good practices within the cultural community.

At the heart of the project

  • Concept: Claire Molinot
  • Co-conception: Claire Molinot, Lydie Revez, George Krump, Fannie Bellefeuille
  • Project officer: Charlotte Beaussier
  • Development support: Quentin Amelaine 
  • Partners: RQD — Regroupement québécois de la danse, CQT — Conseil québécois du théâtre, En Piste — Regroupement national des arts du cirque, and more to come…