Support us

Why support Parbleux?

Parbleux is a non-profit organization involved in its community since 1996. The structure supports the development and enrichment of contemporary dance practices, by supporting artists in creation and promoting their collaborations.

Solidarity and sharing drive the organization in the development of healthy practices, with the wish to participate in more just and equitable models for the performing arts. According to the objective of reducing the invisible work of artists, Parbleux offers them full or partial administrative support, for a short or long period.

Giving to Parbleux is:

Improving the conditions of artists and collaborators (financial compensation, visibility, studio reception) through programs consistent with the needs of the community:

  • Inception residences, with a financial compensation

  • Open studios, with a financial compensation

Valuing cultural workers and their work, by setting up a healthy and stimulating environment that promotes:

  • Sharing experience, during clinics

  • Skills development, encouraged by continuing education

  • Scalable and attractive working conditions.